Thursday, October 23, 2008


Somehow in trying to get comments to show on the main page I accidentally turned them off, I just turned them back on. Are you sure on the buttonhole stitch? I originally thought beads etc would hide the puckering but the photo makes it look worse. I am really trying to learn on my hand embroidery the silk ribbon embroidery feels easier to me.

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Cris said...


About the comments: "Stuff" happens!

Um, look at the black buttonhole stitch I did on white satin on one of your B&W with red embellishments swap blocks. I'm sure it's puckered, too. Seriously, this can be worked with! For one thing, "It'll quilt out." I usually use a piece of W&N batting behind my CQ pieces, which helps fill in the little bumps, ripples, and puckers. For another thing, one of the next embellishers might put beads in the buttonhole stitch spaces. Let it go! It's turning out gorgeous; this is supposed to be fun rather than an additional source of stress.

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