Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beginning our new blog for this round robin

As requested, we are now moving all our comments and progress to this private blog. We are the only ones who can view it. Hopefully by today everyone will have their first block to work on and we can get started with all the fun. I have added 2 seam treatments to Cris's block so far. Both of them were silver. I went and got some different colors of floss yesterday including purple which Cris hates but wants us to convert her to. I will keep posting progress and hope you will all do the same. If you are commenting on someone elses post, just add a comment, if you have something new to bring up or post progress on, create a new post. Don't hesitate to email others for help if you need help with the how to's.


Sewing Up A Storm said...

Ok I found my way over here.

Kathi said...

Yeah! 3 of us here, 2 to go.