Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hi All,
I am not very talkative normally, but I am trying to be! LOL  I haven't gotten started on Ami's yet, as I had a baby quilt and diaper bag to finish!  Now that they are done and in the mail I am going to get started this weekend on Ami's landscape.  How are you all doing?  LouAnn I hope your father is doing better.  I am sitting here making a list of all the things I need to make for Christmas gifts.  It is a bit long. LOL  I am making some things for the nephews, all 10 of them, out of my DHs old uniforms.  he has been in the USAF for almost 20 years now so we have A LOT of old uniforms.  Speaking of which we are retiring next August, so we will be moving to PA next summer! WOOHOO!  I am so excited! Anywho I am making beanbag frogs for the nephews and tote bags for my many sister-in-laws out of his old uniforms.  I figure that fabric is very durable should make good sturdy totes. Well, I guess I did get pretty talkative, sorry for the rambling!  I hope you all have a safe Halloween!  
Have a great weekend!  Rebecca

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cris's block update

Sorry, but I am going to have to unpick all my stitches and start over. I am hating the way they are looking, especially after seeing what Ami has been doing to my block. My stitches so far look so amateurish and I know I can do better!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Ami, that looks fabulous! (Yes, Ami is our over-achiever and I taught her everything she knows! ;-) heehee)

I'm afraid I have barely begun Rebecca's blocks. I have been finishing up my Dear Jane Christmas blocks which have to be mailed next week, and then all my attention will be on this RR.

Also, I'm sad to say my Dad is in the hospital and having surgery tomorrow. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. It is very hard for me not being able to be there and I am constantly on the phone. Thanks y'all!

I am off to Houston in the morning. Here is what I have done with Kathi's so far. I will do a few finishing touches for my round when I return next week. I hope you like what I have done so far Kathi.

Little Activity

Man, can't believe how quiet you all are! Are you liking the blog or disliking it? How is your embroidery going? I haven't worked on Cris's in a few days but will pick it up again tonight. Would love to hear from you all.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Somehow in trying to get comments to show on the main page I accidentally turned them off, I just turned them back on. Are you sure on the buttonhole stitch? I originally thought beads etc would hide the puckering but the photo makes it look worse. I am really trying to learn on my hand embroidery the silk ribbon embroidery feels easier to me.



For whatever reason, it's not showing me the "add a comment" link on your previous post; so I'll do that here. Absolutely no need to unpick the buttonhole stitch, IMO. I get puckers, too, and have just found that adding other "stuff" (more stitching, buttons, sequins, beads) disguises a lot of it. I think it's the nature of fancy fabrics to be uncooperative!

What you've done is absolutely beautiful; don't make more work for yourself!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Progress on Cris's block

I have 4 seam treatments done on Cris's block, though in looking at my photos, I think I might have to unstitch the buttonhole stitch and start over with it due to puckering. here is how it looks so far.

Progress report (sort of) on Lou's block

I've drawn a rough pencil sketch of Lou's block and have tentatively decided on colors; stitches come next. If I were just embellishing my own block, I probably wouldn't take this step and would end up with the same colors and stitches right next to each other.

Lou requests no purple (no problem for me, the purple hater!), but I'm wondering if there's room for beige, deep rose, and maybe mauve in her design. Input and help, please!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Internet down most of the day!


I've been without home phone, TV, and Internet most of the day! Whine, whimper. But I caught up on all I missed and finally made my way over here. Whew!

Kathi, millions of thanks for setting this up for us! I agree with those who have said that yahoo can be hard to get into sometimes, so this is a great idea. AND you can keep up with us during your "slow times" at work.

Good to be back with you!


Block photos

I thought it would be good if our block photos were all posted here too.

Ok I started my profile and added a picture. Who else is brave enough to post a pic! heehee

This is going to be great fun! Thanks Kathi!

Beginning our new blog for this round robin

As requested, we are now moving all our comments and progress to this private blog. We are the only ones who can view it. Hopefully by today everyone will have their first block to work on and we can get started with all the fun. I have added 2 seam treatments to Cris's block so far. Both of them were silver. I went and got some different colors of floss yesterday including purple which Cris hates but wants us to convert her to. I will keep posting progress and hope you will all do the same. If you are commenting on someone elses post, just add a comment, if you have something new to bring up or post progress on, create a new post. Don't hesitate to email others for help if you need help with the how to's.