Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ami's Landscape Block Round 3 Done

Shortly after Rebecca posted that she'd placed the last stitch, I finished up my additions to Ami's block. I added snow to a mountain, waves to the river, a bunny (button) munching the flowers in Lou's garden, a pearl spider on silver web, a bird on Rebecca's tree. I don't think any of my additions show up well in the photos, but I'll be putting it in the mail Tuesday for sure.

Cris's Block round 3 done!

I just put the last stitch in this block.  Whew! LOL  The doggy was fun and it is my favorite.  I did use three different shades of floss on her but you can't really tell unless you look at it a certain angle.  OH WELL!  LOL  It is still cute!  I even put a bling bling jewel collar on her. 
I added some beads to some of the seams and put a "C" on it and did my first ribbon embroidery with my Gloriana hand dyed ribbon.  It was fun and not as hard as I thought.  Getting it to lay flat is the key I guess.  I am sure I will get the hang of it.  I also used some of my Wool/Silk Caron Collection thread, it is nice and fluffy.  Will have it in the mail on Tuesday!  Have a nice weekend all!  

Friday, February 13, 2009

Rebecca's block round 3 done

Here is Rebecca's block. I left a couple areas for Ami to do hard embellishments on. Hope you like it so far, mailing in the morning.

Progress on Kathi's Block

Sorry ~I posted the "before" block to begin with: Here is a full shot of what I've done so far!

Kathi, I hope you like my progress thus far. Sorry to keep you in suspense!

:-) I hope it was worth waiting for ~ :-/ I have a few other things planned to do before I mail so its not quite done!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Progress on Cris's block

Here is a butterfly I just finished on Cris's block.  Next I a going to add a doggy, since she is into canine rescue, and them some other things.  I used a motif from a new book I just got called Motifs for Crazy Quilting.  It has some great stuff in it.  

More Progress On Lou's

I love how this one came out. It was totally experimental........................can you tell I am getting into this? This is one of the ribbons I purchased at Hobby Lobby for Lou's block. I try to buy a few goodies for each block that comes my way. The ribbon is really stiff and kind of shine and also see thru. It is the same kind of ribbon as the light pink roses I posed that are on the blue patch a couple of days ago except this is only 1/8 thick so not really suitable for making flowers. Since I love bows I decided to try that. I tied a bow the size I wanted and attached it with the first of the french knots in the center of the knot. Then I worked my way around the bow twisting and securing with knots as I went. I like to make them twist and turn allot. Then I found I just did not have the right ribbon for this one and decided to experiment. I found this beautiful color in my DMC stash and used 3 strands to create very loosely stitched chain stitch roses. These really need to be loose to make them stand out and look like a rose. I really love the effect and will be making more of these in the future. The leaves are just lazy daises in a green that I also found in my stash.

This fabric is in the center of the block and kind of the focal point. I just could not cover this up with something so decided to instead accentuate the flower with a blanket stitch and french knots. I like how it really makes that rose pop out.

This last one is a very long narrow block. On this one I just did a long feather stitch vine and am not sure if I will have time to add anything to it. More can be added in the last round for sure.

Hopefully we will be seeing some of the other blocks here soon...............I am dyeing of curiosity what the rest of you are doing!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

More progress on Rebecca's block

Here are more photos of Rebecca's block. I am really liking it so far. I have a few more things in mind to add before sending it off at the end of next week.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Work On Lou's Block

I am making more progress on Lou's block. I love this blue patch, in fact it is my favorite part so far. I used a stiff ribbon I got the other day and made ribbon roses. I have never made ribbon roses before so this is a first for me. I first did a stem stitch for the line along which the motif would flow. Then added the roses, then the lazy daisy leaves and last the french knots which really add so much to bring it all together. You can also see the red patch where I have done a heart outline in a chain stitch. I will be adding stuff (still thinking about it) to that heart.

I tried to make spider web roses in the brown. Again this is something I have not done in a very long time. I used a 7 mm silk ribbon for these. The background is a feather stitch. With all of my stitching I always draw the lines I will be following first onto the block so that it flows nicely. I might add some leaves to this patch if I have time but if not then those can be added in the next round.

Here are more of the ribbon roses this time in a beautiful satin thread I got the other day at Hobby Lobby. I got 4 different ribbons in all for Lou's project so you will be seeing more things with these ribbons. They are not silk ribbon as I wanted to see what I could design with stain (the one in the photo is about 3/8 inch wide so fairly wide. The stitches in this patch are the same ones I used in the blue patch but they are put together very differently and the look is very different. That is really the fun part of this seeing how each idea comes together.

I am purposely leaving all the motifs simple so that they can be further embellished in the next round. They could be left as is least some of them can. I have been getting much of my ideas off of other crazy quilt blogs. What I do is have paper and pencil and when I see something I like I do a little drawing. None of my motifs are exact copies but rather a starting place for ideas.

I would love to see more photos of what everyone is working on.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Go Check This Out!!

There is some amazing new eye candy over on Crazy Quilting International blog. Talk about inspiration! Go check it out here: