Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boy things have been busy for me. Right now I have two trouble makers fighting on my lap! I have two new kittens and they are about 9 weeks old and pretty tiny but they make up for it in being cute and mischievous. So in any case the photos are of Chris's piece. I added a treatment to each of Kathi's seams with the exception of the grapes which were awesome already. I sent this off on Tuesday so Rebecca should be receiving it in the mail any day now.

I got Lou's piece and have already begun working on it. I pulled out a bunch of new fibers for her piece as the colorway is more earth tones and deep hues. I will be fun to find some new things to do with it.

Here is a link to an awesome blog I found with tons of amazing ideas: Her stuff is truly awesome and her seam treatments are a great source of inspiration!!!!!


Kathi said...

It looks so great! You really added great things to my seam treatments. I love it.

Rebecca said...

Ami got the block today, you did a wonderful job! I am going to get started right away, so I will not be rushing! LOL I can't wait to go out and buy some Silk Ribbon! WOOHOO! LOL

Cris said...

My own block is starting to take my breath away!

Ami, THANK YOU for taking in the two kitties. They'll help heal your heart.