Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rebecca's Block - First Round

Hey everyone! Here is Rebecca's block. I mailed it yesterday to Cris - it should arrive Wednesday I hope! Thanks for waiting for me to catch up.


Cris said...

Lovely additions, Lou! I'll let you know when it arrives.

Hoping Kathi, Ami, and Rebecca will be by to visit soon as I need to beg for more time to finish. I know you other four must have even more holiday commitments than I do and so hope you'll be understanding (and maybe slightly relieved?) if I ask if I could maybe have until 1/15/2009. Pretty please?


Lou said...
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Cris said...

Heavens, Lou! I'm sure no one is "blaming" you that a family tragedy has caused Rebecca's block to get here "late" (it did, indeed, arrive today). I thought the mailing dates were just suggestions anyway. I'm hoping you're taking a little time to pamper and be good to yourself, too.

Lou and Rebecca: This block is even prettier in person, and I'm already inspired to do some stitching (just lack the time). I'll make a sketch of the block and notes of my ideas so that when I do steal a few spare moments to stitch, they'll still be there!

Lou said...

Sorry Cris & all -- I didn't mean to imply that anyone was "blaming me" for the delays. I assumed from the posts while I was away, (which I don't have now, since I pulled them up on webmail)that it was a given we would extend the time period.
I'm not real comfortable discussing all my personal stuff here on an open forum, so I'm going to copy my post to email and then delete my comment. I had forgotten we were open to the public now.

Sewing Up A Storm said...

Lou you did a beautiful job. I really like all the stuff you added and it will be fun to see what Chris adds next.

Yep I would be happy to wait till Jan 15 to mail as I am more than busy right now. I have been working every single day lately on quilting even the weekends and still have to finish up a cusotom and then three more quilts due before the holidays................yep I can use the extra time for sure.

Kathi said...

Lou, you did an awesome job on Rebecca's block, it looks so nice! I am happy to wait until 1/15 for the next mailing. I haven't even been working on yours for the last 2 weeks due to getting Christmas stuff done. Hope everyone has a great Christmas!