Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Work On Lou's Block

I am making more progress on Lou's block. I love this blue patch, in fact it is my favorite part so far. I used a stiff ribbon I got the other day and made ribbon roses. I have never made ribbon roses before so this is a first for me. I first did a stem stitch for the line along which the motif would flow. Then added the roses, then the lazy daisy leaves and last the french knots which really add so much to bring it all together. You can also see the red patch where I have done a heart outline in a chain stitch. I will be adding stuff (still thinking about it) to that heart.

I tried to make spider web roses in the brown. Again this is something I have not done in a very long time. I used a 7 mm silk ribbon for these. The background is a feather stitch. With all of my stitching I always draw the lines I will be following first onto the block so that it flows nicely. I might add some leaves to this patch if I have time but if not then those can be added in the next round.

Here are more of the ribbon roses this time in a beautiful satin thread I got the other day at Hobby Lobby. I got 4 different ribbons in all for Lou's project so you will be seeing more things with these ribbons. They are not silk ribbon as I wanted to see what I could design with stain (the one in the photo is about 3/8 inch wide so fairly wide. The stitches in this patch are the same ones I used in the blue patch but they are put together very differently and the look is very different. That is really the fun part of this seeing how each idea comes together.

I am purposely leaving all the motifs simple so that they can be further embellished in the next round. They could be left as is least some of them can. I have been getting much of my ideas off of other crazy quilt blogs. What I do is have paper and pencil and when I see something I like I do a little drawing. None of my motifs are exact copies but rather a starting place for ideas.

I would love to see more photos of what everyone is working on.

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Kathi said...

I love what you have added. I agree the blue area is my favorite!