Monday, November 3, 2008

Cris's block done

Here is Cris's block. I have finished it. I will wait til closer to the 15th to mail to Ami, since I am hoping to finish a quilt top I want Ami to quilt for me and I will send them together. Cris, hope you like what I added. I had to do a little SRE, it was begging for grapes. I also used a little bit of lace that Lou sent me as a hostess gift.


Rebecca said...

Looks wonderful! I love the grapes.

Cris said...

OOH! Kathi, you're absolutely right -- it WAS begging for grapes; I just didn't know it. Lovely, lovely SRE! And gorgeous stitchery; told you you were being too hard on yourself!

Will do my best to post a progress photo of Lou's block ASAP. I've been volunteering for a political campaign; and as I'm sure you can all imagine, things have been just the tiniest bit busy lately!

But I absolutely WILL have Lou's block ready to mail 11/15!

Sewing Up A Storm said...

Oh wow that looks is goning to be really fun to add to what you have done there :)

Kathi said...

Thanks guys! I am so glad I unpicked everything and started over.